Post Processing

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After a long summer break the black and white photography group I belong to is meeting again and it was good to catch up.

One or two new faces turned up who seem to be fairly new to photography and it wasn't long before people were expressing their concern about not having Lightroom or Photoshop. Some who did have one or the other expressed their frustration with not knowing how to use it. I can't quite believe I did this but somehow I found myself suggesting that we spend sometime to on post processing. Why? I am now asking myself. I hate the whole post processing thing. Of course I post process too but the most important thing any photographer should be trying to develop is their creative eye and yet we rarely seem to discuss how to see things.

I worry that people who feel their images aren't as good as they would like think that there are tools in Photoshop that will correct all the errors and turn a bad image into a good one. How I wish that were true. However, I do believe you can train your eye to see a better shot and perhaps new photographers should be directed away from post processing until they have taught their eye to see an image.