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A photographers life just seems to get easier and easier. I've had an Instagram account for a while but never really used it properly. Mostly because my conversion to iPhone over DSLR is relatively new. This week I thought it was time to reevaluate the way I use it and made the decision to start uploading to Instagram more often. I love the constraint of thinking in a square format and its such an easy app to use. I guess one of the reasons I'm more open to it now is my discovery of other editing apps such as Snapseed. You can edit in Instagram but frankly its pretty limited and depends heavily on filters. I very rarely use filters but do (sometimes) like to play about with the light and contrast in my pictures. So an app like Snapseed works so much better for me. But the two things I have grown to likedmost about Instagram as I've worked on it over this week are firstly, how easy it it is to share images not only on Instagram itself but across Facebook, Twitter, Flickr which I use; as well as Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous, which I have yet to try. The second great think is the breadth of the talent. I have really been inspired by some of the photographers I've discovered. Here are just a couple whose work I've taken to. mdkistler LADILE MINDTHEMINIMAL. There are loads more but just check them out for a start and see what you think.