The Death of Photography...

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A link to this popped up on my facebook page yesterday so I gave it a read.

As an iPhone convert I guess you'll know where I stand on this. I shan't bore you with a rant. Give it a read and see what you think. It's a couple of years old now but the content still seems to be a hot topic. Earlier today I heard a news report on the BBC bemoaning the death of film photography.

I do get it. Change can be challenging, particularly if you have spent the majority of your adult life trying to reach some level of competence on your DSLR or maybe even your SLR camera. Then, just when your beginning to knock peoples socks off with your skill someone comes along with a devise that requires nothing more than pointing it at the right place and pressing a button at the right time; and not to mention the financial investment. Is it fair that some young kid can come along with a phone and start producing shots you'd give your eye teeth to have taken? Well I guess its not fair. But....that's where we are.

The thing is, if you truly believe your DSLR is the way forward for you stick with it. Even I accept there are some styles of photography that still need that level of equipment and skill. But camera phones photographers aren't destroying photography, they are a pretty big part of its future.