Black and White

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I've been taking a lot of black and white recently.

Initially, it was because I needed them for a group I'd joined but it seems to have become part of the way I see things. Now I can't imagine photography without it. What I like is the way the images are paired down to the basic elements. It's weird, when you take away the colour, the image seems to speak louder.

Silhouettes are a great example of this. It amazes me how, from a simple black outline of a figure, you can tell whether the person was laughing, crying, shouting or drunk. Less distractions for the brain maybe. It's a bit of a cliche but it has changed the way I see things. With my black and white head on I look for shapes, patterns, textures much more than I did before and I seek out things like back-lighting, strong shadows, bright lights etc too.

Of course not all images look great in black and white, sometimes an image is all about the colour and when that's the case there's nothing nicer.