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It's been a couple of days since I went up to the university. I was pretty pleased with the outcome at the time and plan to return soon. There's some really interesting architecture, old and new, and its busy so I rarely had to wait for someone to inhabit a scene.

In the meantime life got busy and I haven't had a chance to look at the images until today. I wonder if people realize what a drawn out process this can be. Just the time it takes to open an image to take a closer look at it seems an age; add to this my low concentration threshold it could be while before I get to look at them all.

This morning I looked at 8 images, trashed 2, edited 6. I was pleased enough with image eight to post it to Flickr and see how it stands up to public scrutiny. That put an end to the editing. Once posted, I decided to check out what my contacts on Flickr had been up to and got lost in their images for an hour or two. As always its an inspiration and an education. I think looking at the work of others has been the most significant positive influence on my photography.

Over the years I have learned to be selective in my approach to the work I look at. In the beginning if someone was kind enough to follow me I felt the polite thing to do was to follow them too. It wasn't too long before I was following several thousand photographers and when I looked in my "People I Follow" folder I was overwhelmed with images. Sadly, the vast majority of them were of no interest to me being either pretty awful photographs or of things I have no interest in and ferreting through to find the gems was a depressing task. So now I pick and choose with care. Overtime I've weeded out the photographers I don"t want to follow anymore (sorry)..and focused on finding the ones I do. I can highly recommend this approach.