The Summer Projects

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The trip to Rhodes got in the way of me getting my head down and getting on with the Summer Project.

The group I belong to has shut up shop for the summer but so we don't get bored there is a project. Well I guess its two really. "Water" and "Movement", water seems to be on my mind so I'll start with that. I have images that I could pull out of my badly organized image filing system and why not (see the header image) but I am enjoying the picture taking so much at the moment I really don't want to stem the creative flow.

Its so easy to think the images just come about and all I have to do is head out with my camera and find some water but they don't. Well not for me anyway. Sometimes I get lucky but generally I'll have spent time thinking about a topic before I get stuck in. Over the last few days, I've been looking at Flickr and honing in on watery images whilst doing a bit of mental sorting, which has helped me decide what not to take more than anything.

My primary aim (as always) is to take a shot that communicates something to the viewer but this isn't an easy audience. They're experienced photographers, even though many of them would be too modest to admit it. So they will be very familiar with all those watery cliches; the milky waterfalls, the macro droplets, the river reflections etc. and some will have considerable expertize in handling them. So I can't go there. I'm not saying others shouldn't but I think if your going to do that in front of an experienced crowd then you need to know you are going to do it so well it will bring a "wow" to the lips. I'm not that good. So I shall be trying to avoid the cliches.

Also our great little city boasts a beautiful river, sleepy canal and a wet and windy coastline. Can I really say anything new about these well photographed local beauty spots to other locals who know them as well as I do. Not easily and I'm guessing there will be more than one or two these shots appearing on the night so if I want my images to stand out in the crowd probably best avoided.

I've decided to head out to the University Campus. There's a sculpture trail and I've never done it so the walk will be interesting, I think there is a fountain, whether its working or not is another thing and there is at least one pond. Be nice if I can find some nice reflections or distortions to play with. I hope there are some people about too.