Dealing with disappointment..

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I'm sitting here musing on what it is I'm looking for in a photograph and why can't I find it? I spend a great deal of my time looking at the work of photographers I admire and after many years I've eventually come to understand that its not about the equipment, the editing, the rules of composition and all that technical stuff; its about communicating. The images that stay with me long after the first glance are always those with an interesting and engaging subject. Subjects that say something clearly and powerfully, no matter what that is. We're bombarded with images every day; most of them uninteresting, so they are forgotten immediately, no matter how well lit or how well edited. If I could give one piece of advice to those, like me, aspiring to improve, it would be not to worry about the technicalities until you have trained your eye to recognize when pictures have something to say. I'm disappointed with the images from Rhodes. Why was I unable to take a good shot. Even as I was pressing the shutter I knew most of what I was taking would end up in the bin. I just couldn't see anything that really spoke about something to me, a scene that evoked a mood or feeling and If I can't see what it is I am trying to say then I'm not going to be communicating any thing to anyone else either? Of the hundred or so images I took I think this image is one of the better ones. It seems to me to have a narrative and a sense of place.