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Why haven't I paid more attention to the camera on my phone in the past. For street and candid stuff its perfect. With very little effort its gone from my happy snappy friend, to a serious piece of kit. I might be the last photographer to catch on but if there are others out there just discovering the joys of mobile photography and in the spirit of sharing here are some of the really cool things I love about it.
I use an iphone 6; so if you use something else some of the following may not apply but most of it will.

The most amazing thing about using my phone for "serious" photography is that its so portable. I just can't say often enough how brilliant it is not to have to lug a huge camera bag around. Even if you cheat and just take your DSLR body and a single lens out your likely to give up on your trip sooner rather than later due to the weight of the thing.
It's pretty hard to blend into the background when your whole face is a large black camera. Its also amazing how camera sensitive people in the street are. I can't tell you how often I've thought I'd got a shot in the bag only to find out later that the subject spotted me and is staring accusingly straight down my lens. I'm not saying it hasn't happened with my new found love too; but the frequency is greatly reduced. Its pretty hard with your average DSLR to get a truly candid shot unless your subject is so engrossed in something else that a bomb could go off and they wouldn't notice. But walking along with a phone is so commonplace people tend not to notice you and you can snap away to your hearts content.
Walking around with the headphones is good. It adds to the "I'm not really taking your photo " thing. People assume your talking to someone or listening to music and forget about you. Headphones also silence the nice reassuring camera shutter click to all but you. Not sure this is true for all phones but another neat trick with my headphones is I can release the camera shutter by pressing the volume control button on the headphones.
I think most phones can shoot a burst of images. For me I just keep my finger on the shutter button and it just keeps shooting. This is a real bonus when you want to get someone in a very specific spot in a scene and they are on the move or when you want a particular part of a movement, say the peak of a jump or something like that..
Well yes; I've known about this from the start but I didn't know that the little yellow sun next to the yellow box is a light control. Once the focus box is up, swiping up or down the screen adjusts the light levels. So good for creating blown out highlights or moody low lights.
I'm really just a beginner here but I am having fun with three that were recommended to me. I will get back to you on how I get on.