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So this months project is "Street" and I am inspired. I decided to leave all the serious equipment behind and just use my i phone. God, how liberating is that. I have also learned one or two neat tricks. First...plug in (wear the headphones). This has two advantages; one, any camera noise is masked and two; people think you are listening to music or something and not taking photographs of them. Very useful.

I kinda knew from the get go that I wanted to bring something a bit different to this. Nosing around on Flickr in the past I had seen some stuff I admired and remembered a guy I follow called Brendan O Se . So went to check out his account for some inspiration. Blimey Brendan what happened to you. He posted a shot an Flickr; went down pretty well...and selected by Apple to be displayed on billboards all around the world...Go Brendan. Its well deserved. I love his work and he has always been a great supporter of other photographers through his group superosity. Check him out.

So, back to the project. Looking round I decided that in general it is going to be hard to take a shot with impact by just pointing the camera at passersby in the street and catching them unaware. Of course it can be done but the good ones are about so much more than that. Vision, patience, timing and luck need to be on your side. I tend to be drawn to the images where the identity of the people in them remains ambiguous. So decided to try and work with that. So far I have used, reflections in glass, silhouettes, decapitation and blurring. Now I'm waiting for a rainy day. I can see loads of opportunities there; puddle reflections, steamed up windows etc. Also hoping to do a night trip and see what I can do undercover of darkness.