Angles or Angels

Article text
Just uploaded the three images I took along to show last week at the "Shades of Grey" group. Subject "Angles" (or as one photographer read it "angels")...!
Found it hard to avoid cliches. I am happy with this shot taken from a high angle with a wide angle lens. The symmetry and the perspective work for me. I think it has a gentle wit about it too. I also took some shots of our cities new library. The best I have added to the website and took along to share but its not great. I'm afraid it falls into the "looking up at tall building" cliche ; as did the vast majority of the other images shown. The last one I took along involved a shot of some scaffolding poles thrusting skyward from the top of a building site and then flipped and rotated to form a neat bit of geometry. An interesting exercise and I had fun playing about in Photoshop but not something I intend to take much further.
For me one of the best shots of the evening was a shot taken from above of a group of three people. You can find a colour version, which still works, on the photographer's flickr account. Really clean and simple with a nice amount of space left around the group. Just them and an empty background. Nice work.