It's been a while...

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It's over a year since I last posted anything on the blog. I quick look at the last post hints at why. I'd been struggling for a while to find inspiration and failing. I was feeling disappointed with the lack of that special something that lifts an image from "..yeah, ok." to "Oh yes!" Still struggling to feel inspired but I have a plan. I have rejoined my local camera club. Not sure if this is a good or bad idea. The hope is that by being amongst enthusiasts; their enthusiasm and creativity will rub off on me. The fear is I will get drowned in the terrible photography of many, fixed attitudes of some and the dogma of the photographic dinosaurs that lurk in the darkness at these places. Been to a couple of meetings so far. Yup; the majority of the images are still pretty dire. The same old rules about what is and what isn't allowed in an image are being clung on to like Zimmer frames. And as for the dinosaurs, well maybe I'd miss them if they weren't there to kick against. More interesting to me is a small sub group that has just started. "Shades of Grey" (they may live to regret that - the innuendos are going to get boring so quickly). Shades of Grey is about a dozen of us, the genre is Black and White. One meeting so far and I'm already back thinking about images. The six images I took to the first evening are in the lovely new "Shades of Grey" gallery if you want to check them out. Four were taken a while ago but two are shot in the last 3 months. Anyway, a topic was set for next month "Angles" and the following month "Street" so I went out into town with the camera and took a few...and....posted a couple on Flickr.