Preparing for Spain

We leave for Spain in 4 days.

Before we go I need to have a good look through my camera equipment. Last month, in Mafia I noticed my 50mm lens had no daylight filter. I know it had one once but it not there now..! Must check that out and buy a new one if I can't find it. Why? ..cos replacing a damaged filter costs around £25, replacing a lens costs scarey money.

Do I want to take the tripod? Not really, even my little light one is a pain to trek around with....but....on the other hand, there are just some shots that you can't get any other way and we are in the car so; its in. The lenses, wide, telephoto and my mainstay my fixed 50mm, laptop, card readers and chargers. And finally the i-phone for when I can't face lugging the camera around. That's about it for equipment.