What I like to do is travel... and take photographs and then show people the world as I see it. I like people, faces, the things people leave behind and the spaces people occupy. I also like playing with low light conditions and depth of field. But in the end, I'm not too fussy. If I think something looks like a photograph to me, I will take it.

I would like to think I create images with a strong individual style and with a new and fresh perspective but I am curious, flighty and have a very short attention span so tend to flit from style to style. I am also very easily drawn into the worlds of photographers I admire and my work often ends up imitating them.

..and for the technical types. I use one body, currently a Nikon D7000 (still miss my trusty D80) and mostly a standard lens or my i phone.

The images on the web site are just a small sample of my work. If you like them and want to look at more you can view my Flickr site by following the menu tab. There you will find a much wider range of images.

I was awarded a Licentiateship by The Royal Photographic Society for my photography in 2010.